Tuesday, August 07, 2007

citer mkn le pulak

I tried to go back to my healthy diet...though nasi lemak/mihun goreng looks so tempting, but i try so hard to stay focus on achieving my goals. I need to reduce at least another 3 kilos by September and another 5 kilos by year end. If i can reduced a total of 10 kilos would be better!!!
This year alone (till now) I've already managed to remove 10 kilos of those bad FAT from attaching to my body. 10 kilos lighter.. meaning reduce 10 kilos of burden to carry with my body.
So this morning, i had 1 rolled sandwich --- consists of 3- pcs fresh cherry tomatoes, 3-leaves butterhead lettuce & 1 pc wholemeal gardenia bread.
For lunch, I think I'll go for very-very small amount (finger-cross!!) of nasi, grilled fish/chicken n ulam. That was my meal looks like for my healthy diet last 6 months. Then, for about 2 months ago, it has change to almost like dulu2. Although my weight is still maintain but i really need to reduce further.

Anyway, back to citer makan. Ptg semlm after office, hubby & I went to Restoran AJ kat Jln Lumut, Off jln Ipoh (along Vistana Hotel). Kononnya nak mkn masakan Johor coz ternampak restoran ni dlm program cuti-cuti famili kat RTM1 last sunday. AJ mean anak johor, itu yg hubby bersemangat nak pi. Ambiance ok, contemporary decoration with backgroung lagu lelama. Food wise, not so bad - but not so good either. For the price of RM18.50 for mee bandung (rm4.50), soursop ice blended (rm4), milo ice (rm???) and nasi with asam pedas daging + sikit salad manggo (rm???)- we think we can get better food/price at Sri Hartamas or kg baru which also serves johor specialty.

For mee bandung, stall at kg baru is much better. Besides mee bandung, they serves mee rebus johor, nasi beriani n tauhu bakar.
Kat sri hartamas, although its only a stall, but the presentation of food is amazing, plus the traditional attire, decoration and background song they played.